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Maggie’s birth story

Friday, June 1st, 2007

here’s the story of maggie’s birth (aka - the longest/shortest labor ever!)…i’m making this super long and putting lots of details because i love the detailed birth stories!

at my 37 week apppointment, i was dilated to 2cm and 75% effaced. maggie was really really low, but i don’t know what station. the doctor said that she could come any time, and she went over all the details of my birth plan with me, and gave me all the info i needed about when to come to the hospital. we were super excited, and hoping she’d make her appearance soon. the weekend came and went, and i was still pregnant. i started having more braxton hicks contractions (where my entire stomach would get really hard for a minute or so, and then go back to being normal, but with no real pain or crampiness), and i started wanting to clean my bathrooms, so i was sure she was coming soon.

37 weeks pregnant - 4/27/07

on tuesday morning, two days before my 38 week appointment, i went to the bathroom and noticed my underwear was really wet. i didn’t think i had peed myself, and i hadn’t sneezed or anything that morning, so i was thinking that i was leaking amniotic fluid. it happened again about an hour or so later, so i called my mom, who told me to call the doc. the nurse told me to come on in. i went in, and it turns out that i had peed myself, and just didn’t feel it at all. they went ahead and checked me and i was about 3 cm. again, said she could come anytime. weekend came and went, and still no maggie.

sunday night, had the same hardening stomach thing but this time with a crampy/achy feeling in my lower abdomen. this went on all night, and they got stronger and more regular, until they were about 10-15 minutes apart. i got to sleep around 10:30 in the morning, and when i woke up, they were gone. also awoke to find a rash on my stomach that was itchy and uncomfortable.
monday night i started having contractions again, and they got more and more painful. at 6 in the morning, they were coming about every 5-7 minutes, so i woke tyler up and told him that he should go ahead and decide if he wanted to call in to work. the contractions stopped shortly after that and i went to sleep around 9 am. the rash went away with a few oatmeal baths, and was gone by wednesday. barely had anymore contractions at all the rest of the week.

at my 39 week appointment on thursday, may 10, i’m expecting to go in and them say i’m maybe 4cm…i’ve pretty much decided at this point that maggie wouldn’t show up until weeks after her due date. so, they check me, and i’m 5cm and 80% effaced! i’m not having contractions at this point, and i’m still not convinced that i’d been having anything other that braxton hicks, so the doc says i can go home if i want to. she tells me to come to the hospital if i start having contractions that are regular at all (even if they’re like 15 minutes apart) since i’m so dilated. she also says that there’s a much higher risk of infection with my being so dilated, and that if i don’t go into labor over the weekend, that she wants to induce me on monday morning (my due date) at 7am. that night, i had contractions again, and they got more and more regular until they were about 15 minutes apart at around midnight. i got in the shower, because i was determined to go into the hospital clean, and also to give them a little more time before i called my mom who lives 1.5 away. they’re gone before i get out of the shower, so i just go to bed.

my mom came on friday night to stay with me since tyler was going to be going in to work saturday and sunday. i had little contractions on and off all weekend, but nothing ever got really regular. on sunday, mom and i went to the park and ate at mellow mushroom (since i couldn’t eat after midnight, i was going to enjoy food while i still could). my dad, tyler’s parents, and his brother got there around 6, and tyler got home shortly after. it was mine and tyler’s one year anniversary, and he brought me flowers and was going to make me shrimp scampi (one of my favorite foods!). tyler’s parents and brother went to their hotel, and me, tyler, and my parents ate. i had light contractions during dinner, and wasn’t able to eat much since they were getting more uncomfortable. we hung out with my parents on the porch for a while and talked, and then we went to bed around 11:20. i kept having contractions, and timed them until around 1. they were about 10-15 minutes apart, but weren’t really painful, so i decided that i was just going to go to sleep so i’d be rested.

Day before Maggie was born at Finlay park - 5/13/07

i woke up around 3:15 having a few contractions. got up, showered, got tyler up, fussed about how much i wanted a glass of water, and got ready to go. we were supposed to be at the hospital around 5:30…we got there about 5:15. we checked in to l&d room 1, and hung out with my parents and tyler’s family. we were laughing and joking and having a good time until a little before 7. tyler’s family went to the waiting room, and tyler and my mom wanted to go have a cigarette. so they left and left me and my dad in the room. dr. eden came in about 7:05 and checked me. my dad freaked out, because he had no intention of being there when they broke my water, so he went to get tyler and my mom. when dr. eden checked me i was 7cm and 90% effaced! she said maggie was really low, and that i might not feel my water immediately because maggie’s head might act as a cork. she broke my water, and they started the pitocin drip (at 2). tyler and mom came in, and we hung out and talked to the nurses. asked for a bed pan because i felt like i had to pee and my water was starting to come out, and that was pretty uncomfortable. the nurse came in to check the bed pan at set the pitocin to 4. me, mom, and tyler were just talking and having fun, and they made me laugh so hard that my water started squirting out, which made me laugh even harder.

Sometime around 6am - 5/14/07

i had my first painful contraction around 8am, and it really felt as bad as the worst menstrual cramps i had ever had. they asked me to rate it on a scale of 1 - 10, which i thought was dumb, since i was sure the pain would get worse. i rated it a 5, though i would have rated it a 10 compared to all other pain i had previously experienced. at this point, the contractions were coming every 3 minutes, and they felt somewhat manageable. at 8:10, i was sure i couldn’t keep handling them, and the pitocin was moved up to 6. when that contraction was over, at 8:14, i decided i could handle it. i started concentrating on the song lyrics of the mix cd that i was listening to. the pain was aweful, but then as soon as the contraction was over, i felt great, like i had never been in pain. it was really wierd. my mom thought it was funny that i was really poilte to the lady who came in to empty the trash once when i was in the middle of a contraction…but i really wanted to be nice and not yell at people during labor, so i was proud of myself.

i remembered to give them the birth plan around 8:30. yep, i was really on top of things. around 8:35, i tried to get on my hands and knees in the bed, as i had read that it was one way women tried dealing with the pain. something about the position taking pressure off of your uterus, and maybe gravity helping lower the baby. i’m not sure what it was supposed to do, but it didn’t really work. it was a pain moving around because of the iv and the baby heart monitor and the blood pressure monitor, so i just gave up. the contractions were coming closer and closer together, and i was literally trying to climb backwards up the bed and up the wall to try to get away from the pain. it was really the worst pain i had ever felt in my life, and it was starting to seem like it was only going to get worse.

The delivery room

so, around quarter to 9, i asked for the epidural. it was going to be a little while, because they were seeing to the lady in the next room, but i was next in line after her. the anesthesiologist came in around 9:15. they had me sit on the side of the bed, facing the monitors and sink and such, and tyler knelt on the floor in front of me and held my hands. i felt the needle going into my back, and i was still having very very painful contractions, so i don’t know if the needle didn’t hurt at all or if it just didn’t hurt by comparison. i felt tyler start digging his nails into my hands, and i think i said something along the lines of “hey, i’m the one who is supposed to be digging my nails into your hands.” he told me later that it was just really upsetting because he could feel the pressure of the needle pushing me forward, and into him. they gave me something called fentanyl or something, and i almost immediately felt way better. all the pain was just about gone, and i could really only feel a pressure in my uterus where there used to be aweful pain. by 9:35, i was discussing names with my mom and tyler and laughing.

at quarter til 10, they checked me, and i was at 9cm and my cervix was barely there. nurse ashley said it would probably only be another hour. we put on my relax mix cd, and were just hanging out. my mom and tyler were saying that i wasn’t acting like myself, and i kind of remember saying that i felt great and really really high. it was really fun to look at the monitor and feel a little bit of pressure and be like “oh, i’m having a contraction.” since we had been up for so long and had hardly any sleep, tyler took a nap on the couch. i took a picture with my camera of the clock on the wall, which was stopped at 2:27 the whole time we were there.

Clock stopped at 2:27
Tyler asleep

shortly after, tyler awoke to the doctor and three nurses coming in saying it was time to push. he told me later that when he woke up, there was so much comotion that he was scared he had missed it. so, everyone gets in position, and they ask if i was a mirror, and i said yes. so, they bring in this full length floor mirror and put it right in front of the bed, just to the side of the doctor. i was expecting something more hospital-like, not something you’d see in your grandma’s house. so i look, and boy did i wish i hadn’t! it was about the nastiest looking sight i’ve ever seen. i did learn that the sight of blood doesn’t make me sick, so that was good. tyler seemed to handle it pretty well also. so, not having taken any birthing classes, and somehow having missed this part, i realize that i’m clueless as to what i’m supposed to do now. i kind of panic in my head, trying to figure out when i’m supposed to push and how, and how long, and then the doctor tells me that everytime i have a contraction, to push for the count of ten. one of the nurses watches the monitors to tell me when i’m having a contraction, but i could feel them coming. so, one comes, and i push, and i realize really quick how people accidentally poo all over the table, because that’s what it felt like i was doing. it was 10:34 when i started pushing. i push for a few contractions, everyone is telling me how great i’m doing, that i’m a wonderful pusher, that she’s almost here, and i’m grunting and moaning like its about to kill me, even though i’m not really feeling any pain. i guess the noises came from the straining, because i felt like, if i could push as hard as i could, she’d get out quicker. then they all yell “she’s crowning!” i glance down at the mirror and can see this big dark thing sticking out of me, and again, think to myself how its about the nastiest thing i’ve ever seen. then i realize that that’s really my baby, and she’s coming. i learned later that while she was crowned, the doctor was twisting her hair (which she had a full head of). the doctor says i don’t have to wait for a contraction, that i can just push, but i need a minute to get ready for another one, as i feel like i’m gonna pop a blood vessel. so, i start pushing, and i don’t remember if i lasted to the count of ten, and then stopped. then, she just slid right out, after i had stopped pushing.

Our first picture of Maggie

she was born at 10:50 am, weighed 4 pounds and 12.5 ounces, and was 17 1/4 inches long. i didn’t know all this at the time though. when she was born, hootie and the blowfish ‘not even the trees’ was playing, she was almost born to bob dylan ‘don’t think twice its alright’ or ‘leather and lace’ by stevie nicks and don henley. i don’t think i’ll ever forget hearing her scream, partially because it was so magical, and partially because it was so loud! the doctor said she was really really tiny, and they took her over to the little plastic baby holder thing, and did her apgar test. she scored a 9, and then another 9 five minutes later. they said she was perfectly healthy, just really small. tyler took her, and walked over beside the bed to show her to me. i could see that he was crying and he just had this confused and happy smile on his face, like he didn’t know what to do, but he was loving every minute of it. i wanted to be all teary and emotional too, but i had a minor labial tear and was being stitched up, which hurt worse than anything i had felt since i had gotten the epidural, because i could feel a pulling feel while they were stitching. so i told him i couldn’t hold her right then, and he just looked at her with these big googgly eyes. i did end up holding her before the doctor was done, because i really couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. she was so tiny and perfect, and i couldn’t believe that she was ours. she was also covered in nastiness and was screaming like i was trying to pull her arm off, and her mouth looked like it was half the size of her face. after everyone got done fixing me up and my mom got to hold her, everyone but me, mom, and tyler left the room, and i started feeding her. she did pretty well, and seemed like a natural. around 11:05, tyler was holding her and said “i keep waiting for her to purr,” since he’s so used to holding cats. she didn’t purr, but we loved her anyway.

Tyler holding Maggie (and crying)
Perrin holding Maggie
Lynn holding Maggie

they let us have her in the room for about an hour, and then tyler went with the nurse to take her to the nursery to get cleaned up and officially weighed and everything. i was left in the room by myself, and then one of the nurses helped me to my postpartum room. i was in there by myself for a while, just waiting for them to bring maggie. soon, my dad came by, and went to the cafeteria to get me a cheesburger and a coke, because i was starving! then, tyler and mom came by the room to tell me that we needed to get her more clothes to wear because she was so small that she wouldn’t fit in most of the stuff we brought, and the just born sized onsie barely fit, and she needed something with sleeves. so, tyler went to the house to get a sack gown. finally, after he got back and they got her dressed, they brought her to me, and she was perfect.

Tiny, angry Maggie