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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

So I don’t have much time to write because I need to get to bed, but I had to share this story.

I was working on the computer today, and Joe Mac (Maggie’s nanny/manny) was trying to get Maggie to take a nap before her speech therapy evaluation. She didn’t want to, so she’s just laying in the crib screaming, or so we thought. So, she’s crying, and he goes in to try to give her a bottle to see if she’s hungry. I’m listening on the baby monitor…it goes something like this…

Joe Mac: Hey Maggie, look! I brought you a bo-ttle!


Joe Mac: Hey, what’s that?


Joe Mac: Hey…that’s…MOMMY!!!!

So I run in, and I see Maggie, screaming her head off, with little round deer-looking poo in both hands, and all in her teeth. I mean, all in her teeth. Is this where the phrase “(poo) eating grin” came from?

Joe Mac is panicked, and now, so am I. I grab her, trying to keep a hold of each arm so she doesn’t put more poo in her mouth or on me, and run to the bathroom. I put her in the tub (still in her clothes, that have somehow managed to not be covered in poo), and start frantically trying to figure out what to do. I had Joe Mac get a wash cloth to get most of the poo out of Maggie’s mouth, then I had him her her tooth brush. I got the poo out of her hands, got her clothes off, and started running a bath. She was still screaming bloody murder, as I imagine I would if I had poo in my mouth.

About this time I realized that she had to have dug this poo out of her diaper, because it wasn’t all over everything (not on her clothes, not really in the crib except one tiny smudge, etc.). It wasn’t even on her legs. Just in her hands and teeth.

I wonder if poor Joe Mac will come back on Wednesday…not sure if I would if I were him.

80 chicken feet

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Maggie’s therapy went really well this week. Here EI said that she can see a huge improvement in Maggie from week to week as far as how much more focused she is, and how much more interested she is in playing. I don’t know if its Maggie getting more comfortable, because she never really seemed uncomfortable. She really does just pay attention more. Like when the EI blows bubbles, Maggie actually turns her head to watch the bubbles as they move, and she ever kind of reaches for them. Before, she just sat there and looked at the EI who was blowing the bubbles.

Also, Maggie is just doing so well with her confidence in walking. She will walk more now when you’re holding on to just one hand, where a week ago she would almost almost just freeze and plop down if you let go of one hand. She’s getting better at standing on her own, and will sometimes do it for a couple of minutes. Tonight, she kind of picked up one foot while standing, and put it down slightly in front of where it was before. I just know that she will be walking soon, and I’m so excited for her. It really makes me feel like I’m going to bubble over.

She’s also gotten to where she likes to jump on the bed, while holding on to someone or something of course. But it is just too cute. She gets really excited, and scrunches her little face up and grins as big as she can. I really think Joe Mac coming over during the day is really helping her. I just cannot thank him enough for all of his help.

I look at her now, and I see less of Tyler than I did before. I don’t know if I really see me so much, but its definitely not as strong a resemblance to Tyler as it was. Maybe that’s because she’s getting more hair :)

Oh! Also, this week, we got some baby pictures of Daisy from the people who gave her to us! Thanks Jerry! He said he sent them to me so that one day, when she comes up to me and asks “Mommy, am I adopted?” I can show her those and set her mind at ease. She doesn’t have to know :)

Daisy as a kitten

Daisy as a big kitty :)

So yes. 80 chicken feet. That is what was covering my dining room table all afternoon. Dried chicken feet, some painted gold or silver, some painted white or black, and some covered in some kind of “tool dip” that makes them look plastic. Some of the chicken feet were not even painted. They just sat in their little ziplock bag on my table, looking gross. Apparently, Maggie thought they looked yummy, because she kept trying to climb out of her high chair to get to them (don’t worry, I didn’t let her get anywhere near them, and I washed and disinfected everything in the general area of the house once they had been removed). So, these painted chicken feet were covered in black skeleton print fabric, and tied with black and purple ribbon or hemp cord. Me, Tyler, Joe Mac, Bob, and Sarah, sitting around the dining room table, wrapping chicken feet. It was craft time on Friday the 13th at our house.

Currently, my husband is likely at the bar, dressed in a frilly blue ankle length nightgown, next to his bandmates who are likely wearing wizards’ capes, silver pantsuits, or dinosaur costumes (or all of thee above). There should be at least 6 people on this stage, which is really just the corner of a small room in the basement of the locals news building, all dressed up and handing out chicken feet or gold spray painted dinosaur toys.

I swear, I could not make this up. I just wanted to make sure I got it down so that I could tell Maggie about it when she was older. What does this say about her father and his friends? For that matter, what does it say about her mother? A mother who participates in this…whatever…because she cannot stand to see people do something half way. If you say you’re going to decorate 80 dried chicken feet and dress up like a drunk college boy at Halloween, then here is an extra pair of scissors and here is a new nightgown from Target, so you don’t mess up any of my good ones. Poor Maggie…there’s no way she’ll grow up “normal”…genetic disorder or not :)

Maybe a little too much bacon

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

So a quick update while Maggie is sleeping.

Maggie’s eye doctor (ophthalmologist?) appointment went well yesterday. Except that we had to wait over an hour in a hot waiting room full of really loud kids in chairs with no backs that were pushed up against a huge fake flower arrangement that was sticking in the back or our heads, it was great. Really, Maggie was very well-behaved, and super patient, and she was so good when they were checking her eyes. The doctors and nurse said that she needed to teach the other kids how to be such a good patient, and they went on and on about how cute and happy she was. I never get tired of hearing that. Don’t think I ever will. Her eyes are apparently fine, and while she may be a bit near-sighted, they said they think she’s good, and they’ll see her back in 6 months for a follow up.

Now the coolest thing about this appointment was that the ophthalmologist has a really good friend with a son who has WS. He said this friend went to school with him, also an ophthalmologist. The son is in his 20’s, and doing very well. This is the part where I got confused. The doctor either said that the son with WS has 5 children, only one of whom has WS, or that the son with WS is the only one of the friend’s 5 children who has it. I wanted to ask more, but we were so hot and tried, and Maggie had not had a nap all day, and we really wanted to get home. I plan to ask him more the next time we go.

Wow, this update ended up not being so quick.

Tyler’s new band is playing on Friday at the Whig. The band is called “Animal Husband’s Puberty Ritual,” and I think its about the worst band name I’ve ever heard. They’re apparently not going to have any specific style, and not really have an exact roster of members. I guess its going to be a jazzy, psychedelic, techno rock band with a rotating cast. I’m not too upset that I’m going to miss the show on Friday, but I am kind of sad that I went get to see them giving out dried chicken feet. I just want to see what the audience in this small club thinks about a band that doesn’t really have songs and gives them gross, dried, animal parts. These boys have a weird sense of humor.

So, that brings me to me…I’m crazy busy with work, tired of cleaning, thankful for Joe Mac (Maggie’s great “manny”), thankful for my dad (who can fix anything and work for free as my “grunt” happily), aggravated with my husband (who tries, but doesn’t seem to understand everything that I have to handle on a daily basis), in love with all of the new cute things that Maggie is doing, and constantly amazed that I have still not been driven to a breakdown. I’m glad I can get into the mind set of just “get it done”…because I think if I really stopped for too long, I would get stuck in a hole. The good thing, is that I always have Maggie to pull me out if I start getting down. She’s always the light of my life :)

Oh, and I am thankful for bacon crackers. Question: What could be better than a captain’s wafer wrapped in bacon, covered in cheese, and baked? Answer: not much.

Beatled Out

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

A copy of Wii Fit should come with your health insurance. I am totally serious. I played it at Angie and Joe Mac’s house Friday night, and I am seriously obsessed. It is so fun, and I broke a sweet. The best part…my butt and abs hurt today! What could be better. I subscribed to an RSS feed that shows me when it becomes available on any of the major retailer web sites. I must have one! For real, if you don’t like the gym, get one of these! Way worth the money! There is something motivating, yet infuriating, about having a Japanese video game tell you that you’re overweight. And when you step on the board and it goes “ooow!,” you just want to hula hoop until you bring the damn thing!

So Maggie’s renal ultrasound results came back on Thursday…they didn’t see anything of concern! They only checked for kidney structure, not function, but they said everything looked good. We’ll have the tests for kidney function in the next few weeks. Maggie has her eye appointment this Tuesday, so I will update when we find out about that.

Maggie did really great this week with Joe Mac. He is so great with her! He held her hands and they walked all around the house for like 45 minutes. He took her outside, and he worked with her on all of our therapy goals. I was so impressed! He even fed her once. I’m so excited about this. I can actually get some work done, and know that Maggie is getting the attention that she deserves. I love it! She really seems to much more balanced and confident with her standing and walking now, and she just seems to be getting a little more adventurous.

I finally got a couple of projects finished, and hope to have two more done by mid next week. I’m super excited! I do have more new projects coming in, but none of them seem quite as involved as the ones I’ve been working on. Hopefully it will be a little less stressful with the new work than it has been with the latest projects. They’ve all been great projects with great clients, but its just been a lot to handle with Maggie diagnosis and appointments and all the work. It would be great o be a bit less stressed out all the time.

Maggie’s Granny and Grandiddy are getting back from England today! I’m so excited that they finally took the trip, but I will definitely be glad when I know they’re safe back at home. I was proud of myself for not worrying too much while they were gone. I’ve only worried on the days when they were traveling by plane or train, and I was mostly fine with it. When I talked to them yesterday, they said they were about “Beatled out” (they went on a Beatles themed tour). I think they ended up having a great time, though they didn’t like London so much. Too big, too noisy, to fast. I can totally understand. I can’t wait for them to get back and we can see all of the pictures!

More good news…Jonathan and Kate had their baby this week! Jack Sylas (calling him Sylas) was born on Wednesday. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. He is so cute! The perfect combination of Jonathan and Kate as far as looks goes, and really a handsome little man! I was very glad that Mommy and baby were doing well, but even more glad that Sylas didn’t decide to make his appearance two days earlier when his mommy was sleeping on my couch. Congrats to the happy family!

Tyler’s car is having troubles lately. Its leaking oil, we replaced the battery yesterday, and now it won’t start. Turn the key and nothing happens. No noise, nothing. So, he is driving the Mustang, which leaves me with no car. Not that I have to go anywhere most days, but the next few weeks are full of times where I’ll need to have a car. I hope this gets resolved quickly. I know the Infiniti has like 300,000 miles on it, but I just need it to last until we get into a new house. We can’t afford to get a new car right now. Keep your fingers crossed that “TwInfiniti 1″ pulls through!

Here are some recent pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Hungry Maggie

Maggie sitting on her car. She hasn’t figured out how to make it move yet.

This is the Daddy bird who built a nest in our fern. His babies have hatched, and now I can get back to saving my pitiful fern without a bird coming after me!

Maggie hanging out with Great Aunt Trish. Trish LOVES babies, and especially loves Maggie! Maggie wanted to get at her glasses :)

(l to r) Maggie, Avery, and Lily in baby prison during our vacation to Greenwood.

Why do the girls always attack the boys?

Angry Maggie

Daisy, who wishes I would put the camera down and go get that furry tail thing for her to play with


Monday, June 2nd, 2008

So we just got back from our vacation. It was tons of fun…not really restful and relaxing, but still very fun.

Maggie has a new “manny”…her uncle/self-proclaimed Godfather Joe Mac is here with her right now playing. He will hopefully be coming by several days every week to watch her and play with her while mommy works. I’m so excited about this!

Things are pretty crazy here right now, but I wanted to put up a little update. Maggie has her renal ultrasound tomorrow, EI on Thursday, and maybe her speech and OT evaluations this week. She’s so close to walking…she’ll walk if you hold both of her hands, and she seems like she’s balancing well, but she freezes when you let go of a hand. I think we’ll get it soon. She’s also eating table food more often now. Over vacation, she ate pasta, chicken, banana, cake and ice cream, potato salad, and some fish. Now she’s not much a fan of her baby food anymore, which means mommy needs to learn to cook.

Will get a more detailed update soon :)