Thursday, February 15, 2007

As many of you know, Tuesday was my 24th birthday! Our little one gave me a wonderful birthday present…she let me sleep straight through the night without kicking really hard or kicking my bladder!

It was a really great birthday! When I woke up, Tyler gave me the sweetest birthday card! Then, he made me a whole batch of cupcakes! We spent most of the day rearranging the furniture in the living room to make room in the office/junk/guest room to turn it into the office/nursery. The living room looks great! I’ll post pictures as soon as we get everything done in there. For dinner, he made me king crab legs, shrimp, and pasta…it was heavenly! Tyler also put the pack n’ play/bassinet together the night before, so I was very excited! It was so fun to see where our little princess is going to be sleeping :)

Here’s a picture of our Pack N’ Play (Graco Windsor)…in real life, its a lot less ‘army green’ and more ’sage green,’ and the lining is gingham and toile:

On Wednesday morning (Valentines Day), I had my Gestational Diabetes test. I’ll post when I find out if I passed it or not. When we got home from the test, Tyler and I organized the laundry room and kitchen. We went over to Michelle’s for a Valentines dinner Wednesday night with Shane, Kelly and Dave, and their 1.5 year-old son, Mason. I played with Mason while everyone else was grilling/cooking. It was literally the most time I have spent with a small child since babysitting in high school, and he was so precious! I had so much fun playing with him, and I almost cried thinking about how I’ll be playing with our little girl in a few short months. It also made me realize just how much you have to pay attention to small children when they start walking. He was all over the place, and kept picking up everything he could find…and I was amazed at how quickly he could get away with such short little legs! I’m so glad babies don’t know how to walk/crawl as newborns :P

After Mason went to sleep, we played Pop 5 Cranium…and I just have to say that Michelle makes the best play-doh Trapper Keeper ever!

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