Monday, February 26, 2007

We’ve almost got the painting done in the nursery! Bob and Sarah were nice enough to give up most of their Sunday to come over and help us with the painting! Thanks Muffins family!

Here are the pictures of what we got done:

I seriously started measuring the walls and doing all the math and figuring for those stripes at about 11AM. I wasn’t done taping them off until about 5PM. This little girl better love these stripes!

So now all that’s left, as far as painting goes, is to go around and touch up drips/bare spots/etc. I’ll be doing that today, and, hopefully, I’ll get to post pictures tomorrow of the finished painting job!

Also, Kanda and Raymond came over yesterday and brought the crib! Its so beautiful! As soon as we’re done with the painting, we’ll put the crib together and start decorating the nursery! Thank you, again, Kanda and Raymond, for all of your help!

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