Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We had an appointment today to have an ultrasound, since I was measuring small at our last appointment. You can see some pictures from the ultrasound on the ultrasounds page, or you can scroll down to see the videos.

Through the ultrasound, they verified that she is measuring a little small (about a week), but that everything seems fine. She was moving around a bunch while they were doing the ultrasound, and they said that she’s very active and seems happy in there!

We also found out that she’s already got a lot of hair on her head, and she does have big, full lips! They told me that I could expect to gain around 16 to 20 lbs total for this pregnancy…many women gain like 50, so I was glad to hear that!

We got a really cute video of the baby at the ultrasound. Use the interface below to check her out…you can use the fast forward and rewind buttons to see the video frame by frame.

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