That would be an emphatic “no”

So we went to the Genetics Center to have our appointment to go over Maggie’s results. It went well. Tyler really liked the doctor, and we got all of our initial questions answered. They told us all of the details about Williams Syndrome, many of which we already knew from our internet research. We did learn a few new things, and we found out about particular resources available to us. We got a list of what we need to do next…all of the additional tests and assessments that need to be done. Looks like we’ve got quite a journey ahead of us.

Our genetics doctor is apparently very against “over parenting,” and I feel pretty confident that he will help keep me in check, because I know I have a tendency to take things a little far sometimes. I want to make sure Maggie is taken care of and that she has every opportunity in the world, but I also want to make sure that we treat her the same as we would any other child (for the most part, at least).

The really good news from the appointment is that they found Maggie to be at an appropriate developmental stage for her age, as far as her sitting up, crawling, standing, and cruising. We’ll be able to find out more when we get all of her assessments done to find out if she needs speech, physical, and occupational therapy, which will, hopefully, be soon.

I will write later…on my way to get Maggie from grandma’s house!

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  1. Amy Says:

    Wow, great news on the development front. I have NEVER heard of an “on-time” WS child before. AMAZING! Her pics are adorable!

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