I emailed Dr. Mervis at the University of Louisville in Kentucky (who is supposed to be a leading expert on the behavioral / developmental / speech side of Williams Syndrome) yesterday, told her a little about Maggie, ans asked if she would be willing to see her. I have been told that Dr. Mervis does a free two-day evaluation of your child, and can let you know about where they are on the spectrum, and you only have to pay for hotel and transportation. They conduct extensive research on children with Williams Syndrome and Down Syndrome to try to better understand these disorders.

So, I get on my computer this morning, and I have an email from Dr. Mervis! I was so excited! I wasn’t expecting to hear back from her so soon. She is supposed to call me back later today to go over the research that they’re doing, and discuss further details about seeing Maggie.

So, YAY!

Also, we’re going to look at houses tonight. I will try to post some pictures.

Dr. Mervis called a little while ago. They want to see Maggie in May! She said that Maggie is high priority because of her age and developmental progress, and they had a cancellation, so they could see her on May 12th. We’re trying to figure out if that’s going to work out for us (not much time to plan, checking work schedules, checking budget, possibly moving, etc.), but I’m really hoping that it will work out. Plus, its been a long time since I went on a big road trip :)

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