What I wouldn’t do for a Banana Puff!

Maggie made it around the corner of the coffee table a few times today! You have to put a Cheerio/Gerber Banana Puff just out of her reach on the perpendicular side of the table. She’ll only go around the corner when its on her right, though. She’s like a little backwards race car driver (her aunt Amanda would be so proud!)

Maggie also kind of said her name today. She said something that sounded like “Manny” several times while I was repeating our names (Maggie and Mama) and pointing at our foreheads. I try to do that to teach her everyone’s names. I put my finger on someone’s forehead (mine, Maggie’s, Daddy’s, Granny’s, etc.) and then say their name. She usually finds it highly annoying, because she’s rather be trying to climb a pillow or chase the cat, but she found it amusing today. Our little daughter Manny…so proud :)

So I finally got around to getting the photos off the camera. Here are some cute shots of Maggie and the family, some shots of the house we want to make an offer on, and some shots of the house in a rough neighborhood that we absolutely love, but would be scared to stay in after dark (it was crossed off the list when we turned on to the block!)


Pics of Maggie and the Family

the Brunsons

angry Maggie

Maggie and Princess Clippity Clop (a present from uncle Joe Mac)


like father, like daughter :)

Granny has been teaching me funny faces

woohoo! I can pull up on the coffee table and steal the remote!

mom, only babies are scared of corners!

one of Maggie’s last baths in Stewart (her inflatable duck bathtub)


yummy toes

beautiful Maggie

Tyler and Perrin at the Masters…cute pic,
but when did I get a man jaw?

House we want

front of house

front of house

side yard, back deck

Carleston style porch door, traditionally would be closed if the family was not accepting visitors

entry area

living room

dining room and hall from living room

dining room



bedroom 1 (Maggie’s room?)


bedroom 2 (guest bedroom/office?)

master bedroom door to porch

master bathroom

Maggie and Tyler on master bedroom porch

back deck

back yard

back yard

Other House

front of house

front porch

living room?



one of the 4-6 bedrooms

2 Responses to “What I wouldn’t do for a Banana Puff!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Which house did you go with??? Maggie is such a cutie pie. I know the WS DX is scary, but she is doing super great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Heather Says:

    Hey girl! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to actually see a more recent picture of Maggie. So cute! Also, I LOVE the blue house. Looks awesome, I really hope I can get a place like it one day. Love ya!

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