Happy Birthday to…uhhhh garbble garbble blah blah babies!

I’m sitting her praying that Flash will un-freeze itself soon so that I don’t lose all of the work I’ve done over the past hour. Why can’t I remember to hit “save” more?! Its been 10 minutes of waiting…and I think I may have to accept that its gone.

So Maggie is doing great…she started standing up on her own in the past week! She only does it for a few seconds usually, but today she stood up for a whole minute. I was so amazed. She just all of a sudden decided that she needed to stand. She gets so excited when I clap for her, but she gets way more excited when her daddy claps. She just gets this huge grin on her face and throws her arms up in the air. Sometimes, she even claps for herself. I love it! That sweet little grin gets me through the day.

She has started throwing tantrums a lot. She just gets so angry that she screams and shakes and gets all red and cries. Her whole body will be red by the time I figure out a way to calm her down.

We had our first showing of the condo today. It looked as perfect as I could get it, and I hope the people liked it. I’m sure we’ll have many more showings, and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I still would love to know how it went. Our realtor is going to try to get some feedback from the other realtor. (See the bottom of this post for pictures and links to the listing)

We’re going to Kentucky this weekend to see Dr. Mervis. I have been busy trying to get all of the medical records and everything together that we need for the trip. I’m getting so nervous. We’ll see how Maggie does in the car for 10 hours. Our family members have been so thoughtful and generous in helping make this trip happen, and I cannot thank them enough. We are so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive family :)

Birthday Party

So about Maggie’s birthday party last Saturday…it was a joint party for Maggie (bday May 14), and Lily (bday April 21). Since Sylvia and I found out we were both pregnant at the same time, we had talked about joint birthday parties. Both girls get their own family parties, but we thought it would be fun to have a party together for our friends to attend.

So, on Saturday morning, Angie, Sylvia and I took the girls to get their pictures made. It would so cute! Lily, who is walking, would not sit still, and kept getting up and trying to escape. Maggie, on the other hand, just sat there, smiling, fascinated by the camera. She’s such a ham! She did get upset once when she heard a baby in the next room crying, but she got better as soon as the baby stopped. We got some precious pictures! Lily was so animated, and made all kind of funny faces and gestures. Maggie was just the sweetest thing in the world, sitting there smiling and watching Lily and the lights.

The part started at 1, and, as usual, we were late. We got there about 1:15. We got the girls undressed, and got on their sunscreen. Maggie was hating it, and we got a picture of her with a sunscreen mohawk, courtesy of mommy and uncle Mark. Avery, who was born after Lily and before Maggie, and his mommy and daddy showed up a short time later. It was so funny, seeing all the babies together! Lily was every where, and into everything, and making noises and faces. She’s also the biggest of the three, in height and weight. Avery is kind of chunky, with the sweetest rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes. He sat there watching the girls, completely fascinated. He did get annoyed with them after a while, because they were getting in his face a lot and taking things from him. Maggie tended to stay away from the other two most of the time, and really only seemed interested in them on occasion. She mostly wanted to clime up all of the adult’s legs, and find someone who would pick her up. She didn’t have much trouble finding someone, and she would just grin as big as she could and then proceed study everything about them, from hair to earrings, to nose, etc.

So, we finally get the babies in the little kiddie pool we got for them. They were all a bit awkward at first, and Maggie was just studying the water. The only other time she’s in water is for bath time, and she seemed confused by this situation. After a while, they all kind of played together, and seemed to be having a good time. A train went by (the track is literally next to the yard), and Maggie flipped out. I just grabbed her out of the pool, without drying her off, ran into the garage, and held her ears while rocking her back and forth. Tyler came in and helped calm her down. I felt so horrible. I knew the train was coming, and I knew that she sometimes has issues with the loud noises, but it didn’t occur to me until I saw her face turn red (pre scream routine for Maggie). Sometimes, she’s fine with loud noises…sometimes she absolutely loses it. I wish I could figure out why.

So, they kids got out of the pool, and Rowan (bday Oct 06) and her mommy and daddy show up. Rowan was so sweet! She played in the pool a while, and when they were trying to get her out, she kept saying “I wanna go in da waduh!”

Then we let the girls get into their cakes. Angie got them individual tiny turtle cakes with green and black icing. Lily went nuts on her cake, just grabbing messy handfuls and smearing it all over her. Maggie took a little with her hand, and licked it and studied it, before looking over at Lily and deciding that she needed to shove hers in her mouth and smear it all over her body too. It was so cute! Maggie was really tired, as she had not had a nap all day, and was getting pretty fussy towards the end of it.

After the cake, the girls got their baths and then opened their presents. They got so many presents! I was amazed at everyone’s generosity. They got tons of books and some cute little toys. Tyler and Russel helped the girls with the unwrapping, and that was just too sweet. I think the daddies enjoyed it as much as the girls.

That was pretty much the end of the party. Everyone started going home, and we gave out wallet photos of the girls from that morning. I think everyone had a great time, and, as always, it was mostly due to the fantastic hostess skills of miss Angie (and some super cute babies!) :)

Here are some pics of the party:

Maggie eating her cake

green beard the pirate…YAR!

what is this thing that i am in?

sunscreen mohawk!

Here are some links to the condo listing on different sites….

our agent’s site

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  1. Amy Says:

    Very cute pics of Maggie! Happy Bday girl and I hope you walk soon! Avery LOVES LOVES LOVES the baby pool and I set it up on the deck so she can swim anytime she wants…naked…this yr I dunno if we will have space cuz she needs a bigger one and my deck isn’t that big! Hope your condo sells FAST.

  2. Heather Says:

    oh my gosh, I think I have a similar picture of Caleb with a mohawk crying like that!:) Cute pictures. Good luck selling the condo… Heather

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