Saturday, January 13, 2007

I wanted to go ahead and update this while I was thinking about it, and put some of baby’s ‘firsts’ on here, since there aren’t many spaces for in utero milestones in the baby keepsakes books that I’ve gotten :)

Found out the gender: December 19, 2006
Me, Tyler, and my mom, Lynn, were at the appointment. At first, the she wasn’t cooperating in showing us her goods. I said something along the lines of “Come on baby, show us what you’ve got,” and then she put her little legs up over her head and gave us a perfect view! I cried when they told me she was a girl! I was so excited, and it really made me feel more like this was really real when I found out the gender. Tyler also cried a little (AWWW!!!), and later said that he also felt more attached to the baby and felt more like the whole ‘having a baby’ thing was actually happening. My mom got emotional later that day, after leaving the appointment…delayed reaction :)

First time feeling her move/kick: January 3, 2006
Even though I had felt movement before, this was the day that I felt her move and actually KNEW that it was her moving. All the movement before, I thought was just gas (sorry if TMI, but that’s what it felt like). The morning of January 3, I woke up and was laying in bed, and felt this little wiggly/bubbly feeling in my stomach. It continued for almost twenty minutes, and I knew it was my baby girl (probably kicking me and saying “Mommy, get the heck out of bed!!!”). Since then, she kicks all the time, especially in the mornings when I’m laying in bed and when I’m sitting at the computer.

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