12 month well visit, EI, and family birthday party

(post about trip to Kentucky is below this one…I posted them at the same time)

So the day after we got back from Kentucky was Maggie’s first birthday! She had a great day, and even got some french fries and ice cream at dinnertime. She was a very happy little baby. Wait…excuse me…Big Girl :)

On Thursday, we had her 1 year old well visit with the pediatrician. It was the first time we had seen her since the diagnosis. Maggie is now off the charts (off on the bottom, not the top) for her length (below 3%), and barely on the chart for weight and head circumference (5%). Dr. Shealy said we’d start using the WS growth chart, and recommended we give her some Carnation Good Start mixed with some milk for extra calories. I told her I didn’t really want to start milk until we found out about Maggie’s calcium levels (waiting for that referral), but that I would give her a little skim milk. I’m somewhat lactose intolerant, and that’s all I can drink anyway.

I also asked about Maggie’s deer pellet looking poo, and Dr. Shealy said she may be constipated. She said we should give her prunes and prune juice every day. Now, I read somewhere that constipation and kidney problems go hand in hand. We’re still waiting on the referral to get the kidney ultrasound, but I was wondering if any of the WS mommies knew if constipation was a sign of kidney problems. Let me know if you have any insight, and I’ll be pestering the pediatrician about that referral.

Otherwise, Maggie did well at the appointment. On her developmental checklist, the only things I couldn’t check “yes” on were things we already knew she had issues with, so nothing new there. She even did well when she got her MMR and Chicken Pox shots, so great visit!

We got back home just in time for her EI appointment. We discussed the findings in Kentucky, and I told her that Dr. Mervis recommended speech and OT. She seemed very cooperative, even though they had determined that Maggie didn’t really need either one. She is supposed to be getting back to me on the referrals and evaluations.

On Friday, Adela Pearl Smith was born at 2:43 PM! Brad and Amy are now parents of a beautiful baby girl! We got to go meet her, and hang out with Brad and Amy a little while before Maggie and I had to leave for Greenwood.

On Saturday, Maggie had her family party at my parents’ house. Tyler couldn’t come because of work. My mom and Tyler’s mom did all of the planning, and took care of everything, which was so amazing, I would have never been able to plan it with everything going on. The party was wonderful, and Maggie has a wonderful time! I’ll try to post pictures later when I get them off the camera.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I actually think constipation goes more in hand with higher calcium levels than kidney issues, but have no proof of that. Also, I would do whole milk for the calories rather then fill Maggie up with skim, she needs the fat(; I don’t think there is a drastic difference in calcium between the two. Honestly, Maggie is one and I would think you would some serious health ramifications by now if she has been running around with elevated calcium levels. And get those levels checked!!!((((;

  2. Kris Says:

    Like Amy said, constipation is typically an endocrine issue and a low motility issue. If the poop is sitting there, and it can when there’s low tone, it tends to dry out. In addition to prunes, you could also try adding bran to her diet. That’s helped my son a lot.

    mom to a 17-mo-old with WS

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