What kind of pretentious jerk do you think I am

Today I got something for me. Its technically for my work, but I look at it as a little present to myself. I got a BlackBerry, and I’m attempting to use it to write this post. I used to think it looked kind of pretentious to see that little “Sent from my BlackBerry” at the bottom of emails, and now I am going to be one of those people. I’m very excited about my new toy, even though it means never being able to hide from my email. At least it should allow me to take Maggie out for some fresh air more often without having to worry about missing anything important from a client.

Maggie is doing very well. She had her appointment with the ENT on Monday. As always, she charmed everyone there. Dr. G was great, and said to Maggie that he almost wished he could find something wrong so he could keep her there longer. Maggie loved him, even when he was sticking stuff in her ear. She sat still through the test on her left ear, and passed with flying colors, but she wouldn’t sit still for the right ear and failed that one. They’re going to see her back in 3 months to check that ear again, but they said both ears looked good, and they doubt there are any problems. They didn’t see any fluid or any indication that she had ever had an ear infection, so all good news there.

She’s got her EI coming tomorrow afternoon, and I’m hoping to hear something on the speech and OT referrals.

We’ve got someone coming to look at the condo on Thursday, so we’re crossing our fingers on that. Hopefully we can get our house clean again by then.

Last, but certainly not least, my thanks to the WS mommies for responding about the poo issue. So far, the prunes seem to be helping, and we’re working on getting the calcium test referral and sources of fiber. Maybe this BlackBerry will help me keep all of Maggie’s dietary needs in order…*ring ring* time for prunes, *ring ring* time for extra caloric supplement!

That cute little booger has really been an angel this week. She woke up a few times last night, which is unusual for her, and it made me remember how rough it was when she never slept, and it made me so thankful for how great she is on her sleeping schedule now. She’s been so patient, hanging out at the doctor’s office and in her baby prison while I work. And she’s just so sweet. Her smiles have absolutely gotten me though so much, and I feel truly blessed every day to have her. I love you baby girl :)

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  1. Penny Says:

    With constipation in our kids, you have to be VERY careful about rectal prolapse. The stool MUST be soft. Keith used to be on Miralax (over the counter) and now he is on Benefiber (over the counter). I put it in his drink. One teaspoon each day. I try to get him to get his fiber naturally by eating oears and other sources of fiber, but if his stool is not soft, then I supplement with the Benefiber. This is very important. Keith has had the Rectal Prolapse three times already and it can be dangerous.

    If you wan to email me, I would be happy to talk to you about it


  2. Nancy Says:

    I’m not sure how in the world I have missed you and your blog thus far. Read your birth story and cried and laughed and cried. Happy to see your beautiful writing here and will be back. Maggie is gorgeous!

    P.S. Maggie’s “going home” outfit completely rocked. Erik was so much smaller than I had planned, so I just kind of wrapped him in whatever. :)

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