So we just got back from our vacation. It was tons of fun…not really restful and relaxing, but still very fun.

Maggie has a new “manny”…her uncle/self-proclaimed Godfather Joe Mac is here with her right now playing. He will hopefully be coming by several days every week to watch her and play with her while mommy works. I’m so excited about this!

Things are pretty crazy here right now, but I wanted to put up a little update. Maggie has her renal ultrasound tomorrow, EI on Thursday, and maybe her speech and OT evaluations this week. She’s so close to walking…she’ll walk if you hold both of her hands, and she seems like she’s balancing well, but she freezes when you let go of a hand. I think we’ll get it soon. She’s also eating table food more often now. Over vacation, she ate pasta, chicken, banana, cake and ice cream, potato salad, and some fish. Now she’s not much a fan of her baby food anymore, which means mommy needs to learn to cook.

Will get a more detailed update soon :)

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  1. Heather Says:

    Caleb walked a few steps at a time at 18 months. He could have done it sooner, but confidence was a big issue. He turned out to be a big worry wort when it comes to trying new things. Maggie will walk when she is confident that she can do it on her own. Caleb could have dragged me around all day holding onto my fingers, but as soon as I let go, plop!… down on the butt he would go. :)
    SOunds like she likes a good variety of food. Caleb was never a huge baby food fan. He pretty much went from the breast, to bottle, to finger food. He eats absolutely everything in sight now. Still a skinny little bugger though.

  2. Laura Says:

    Funny, Michaela was the opposite. She wouldn’t let anyone hold her hands to help her walk. She would shake you off and shake her head “no”. She walked independently at 19 months. She also stopped eating any type of baby food at 10 months and would only eat foods that didn’t require her to need help from anyone. She’s a very independent critter!

  3. Penny Says:

    Sounds like she is doing great!

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