Maybe a little too much bacon

So a quick update while Maggie is sleeping.

Maggie’s eye doctor (ophthalmologist?) appointment went well yesterday. Except that we had to wait over an hour in a hot waiting room full of really loud kids in chairs with no backs that were pushed up against a huge fake flower arrangement that was sticking in the back or our heads, it was great. Really, Maggie was very well-behaved, and super patient, and she was so good when they were checking her eyes. The doctors and nurse said that she needed to teach the other kids how to be such a good patient, and they went on and on about how cute and happy she was. I never get tired of hearing that. Don’t think I ever will. Her eyes are apparently fine, and while she may be a bit near-sighted, they said they think she’s good, and they’ll see her back in 6 months for a follow up.

Now the coolest thing about this appointment was that the ophthalmologist has a really good friend with a son who has WS. He said this friend went to school with him, also an ophthalmologist. The son is in his 20’s, and doing very well. This is the part where I got confused. The doctor either said that the son with WS has 5 children, only one of whom has WS, or that the son with WS is the only one of the friend’s 5 children who has it. I wanted to ask more, but we were so hot and tried, and Maggie had not had a nap all day, and we really wanted to get home. I plan to ask him more the next time we go.

Wow, this update ended up not being so quick.

Tyler’s new band is playing on Friday at the Whig. The band is called “Animal Husband’s Puberty Ritual,” and I think its about the worst band name I’ve ever heard. They’re apparently not going to have any specific style, and not really have an exact roster of members. I guess its going to be a jazzy, psychedelic, techno rock band with a rotating cast. I’m not too upset that I’m going to miss the show on Friday, but I am kind of sad that I went get to see them giving out dried chicken feet. I just want to see what the audience in this small club thinks about a band that doesn’t really have songs and gives them gross, dried, animal parts. These boys have a weird sense of humor.

So, that brings me to me…I’m crazy busy with work, tired of cleaning, thankful for Joe Mac (Maggie’s great “manny”), thankful for my dad (who can fix anything and work for free as my “grunt” happily), aggravated with my husband (who tries, but doesn’t seem to understand everything that I have to handle on a daily basis), in love with all of the new cute things that Maggie is doing, and constantly amazed that I have still not been driven to a breakdown. I’m glad I can get into the mind set of just “get it done”…because I think if I really stopped for too long, I would get stuck in a hole. The good thing, is that I always have Maggie to pull me out if I start getting down. She’s always the light of my life :)

Oh, and I am thankful for bacon crackers. Question: What could be better than a captain’s wafer wrapped in bacon, covered in cheese, and baked? Answer: not much.

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