Where do the days go?

Way too much to report, as we’ve been going 80 the past two weeks, but here’s the short version (or as much as my dead brain can handle explaining):

1. Tyler’s car broke, got it towed to Greenwood to get fixed, didn’t get it back for like 2 weeks.

2. Air conditioner broke, four days of me and Maggie at home with no car and no AC in 90-100+ temps (thermostat was maxed out reading 85 for three days. The old joke “What separates Columbia from hell…a screen door” came to mind quite a bit.

3. My computer is on its last leg, so I finally had to break down and order a new one which should be here in the next 2 weeks.

4. Had like 5 website that needed to be completed during this time with no AC.

5. One of my favorite people in the world, a roommate from college who I haven’t seen in 3 years, came for a brief visit.

6. 4th of July was super fun as Maggie got to spend it playing with Lily and I got to spend it eating cake and relaxing while not answering my email.

7. Maggie is super close to walking and is learning all kinds of new things, like how to give high fives and starting to say words that actually sound like words (A DAY! while waving is “Hey Daisy!”, greeting the cat). Oh, and she’s waving and clapping her hands like a madwoman!

8. Seven people have come to see our condo since its been on the market…that has to be a good sign .

9. My dad is one of the most awesome people ever…I would have lost my mind if not for his help the past few weeks.

10. Oh, and I have the most wonderful, precious, amazing daughter in the whole world. She’s so cute that even being stranded at home in the sweltering heat and not being able to do any more than five minutes worth of work in 2 hours is ok as long as she’s camped out in front of the fan with me.

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  1. Great Aunt Donna Says:

    Yep, you are soo correct -your Dad is one of the most awesome people in the world!! I know he would kill me if he knew I let this out(& only few of us know this)on the “worldwide web-haha, but he has a GREAT BIG wonderful heart!!! Hope your air is fixed & working great now and that you ,miss m and daisy mae are “chillin” now.
    Loved the idea about the ice behind the fan too–that’s COOL!, haha again.
    –which by the way also came from your wonderful Dad!
    love ya !!

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