The One?

So we found a house that we really like. Its in a pretty decent neighborhood in town that is supposed to be “up-and-coming.” Its a cute, old, mill house, built in 1910. Its been added on to several times, and has some very interesting quirks. It appears to be in good shape, and was at least clean. There are some thing about it that I know will need to be fixed and updated, but overall, I really love it. Tyler really likes it. Maggie even seemed to like it.

Living Room, looking towards front of house and front bedroom (notice the crazy rock wall)

Front bedroom…wall that used to have a door to the front porch

Front bedroom ceiling…cool, but is that safe?

Bedroom 2…across the hall from the front bedroom

Looking down the hall to the back of the house, towards bedroom 2 and bathrooms

Bedroom 3…down the hall from the second bedroom

First bathroom and laundry room

Looking back up the hall towards the front of the house and all 3 bedrooms (bedroom 3 and 2 on the left, hall closet in front, and front bedroom at right)

Dining Room (once you come out from the hall after passing the second bathroom), looking towards back of house and kitchen (bright red paint?!)

Overhead view of house from Richland County website

Shot of house from listing

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

5 Responses to “The One?”

  1. tes rich Says:

    pretty cool looking house. red paint huh? maybe i shoulde re think my terra cotta kitchen hhhmmmm……….

  2. Julie Says:

    Very cute. I love older houses with character. I think all the new houses look the same. I am a house freak. I love hgtv’s house hunters and have been known to get on the local real estate web site from time to time even though we never plan on moving again. I will say a prayer for you.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Oh how cute! I love quirky houses, too! I hate house shopping because I get too emotionally attached to them before they are mine!

  4. Laura Says:

    What a cute house!! I love older homes.
    Good luck with everything.

  5. Penny Says:

    Good Luck! I hope all goes well for you!

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