Thursday, February 8, 2007

So me and baby are doing well. She kicks all the time…I actually got to see her kick yesterday. I was sitting in Tyler’s dirty blue chair with my shirt pulled up so I could see my belly, and she kicked so hard that I could see a lump (foot/elbow/something) pop up! It was so cool!

It’s gotten to where I can feel parts of her body sometimes if I poke around on my belly. I can feel what I assume to be her head or butt or something kind of large right below the skin. Its so bizarre! Sometimes when I do this, she apparently gets mad, because then she’ll kick my hand!

Sometimes, I think the greatest thing about this pregnancy (other than the whole miracle of life thing and yadda yadda yadda) is that I pretty much have entertainment on demand. I could sit there and watch/feel her kick all day long!

Unfortunately, Tyler doesn’t get this same luxury. He still hasn’t been able to feel her kick since the first time he felt her. She’ll be kicking up a storm, then he puts his hand on my belly and she immediately stops! Two or three minutes after he’s given up, she’ll start kicking again! My aunt Donna said that its just that he’s already such a good father that the baby knows to stop misbehaving as soon as her daddy comes around :P

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