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Ready for a break now…

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

So I haven’t updated this in a while, mostly because I’ve had about zero down time (until tonight at least). I have been working like crazy, getting the condo ready to put on the market, getting Maggie’s doctor’s appointments and medical records, getting ready for Maggie’s birthday party, getting ready for the trip to Kentucky in one week, and taking care of Maggie. Condo went on the market today, even though everything is still not done. Work is crazy hectic.

I did go out with the girls tonight, and had a fantastic time! Thanks to my ladies who definitely gave me a much needed break! Also thanks to my great babysitters this week…ya’ll are my angels :)

Maggie had her Early Intervention evaluation and goal setting thing today. The two girls came out and played with Maggie and talked to me. They were great, and they thought Maggie was doing great. They noted that she can “pull to stand, lower down, crawl, is interested in people (shocker!), shake a rattle, move an item from hand to hand, and communicate with sounds and eye contact.” They said I should start using basic sign language for basic ideas like “more” so that she can communicate her meanings without using words, so I guess I need to learn some sign language. Our “EI” (as they refer to themselves) will come once a week for…I have no idea how long…maybe until Maggie is 3. We set our goals…Maggie should be walking independently, have a vocabulary of 10-15 words, and be able to put things in a container in the next 6 months. She’s close to walking now, but really doesn’t want to put anything in a container that is not her mouth, so we’ll see how that goes. Her vocabulary, I have no idea if we’ll make it. We’ll see.

Maggie’s 1 year well visit is set for May 15th, and her ENT appointment is May 19th, so that means the only appointments I have left to schedule are her kidney ultrasound, vision test, and blood and urine tests for calcium levels (which they may do at the well visit). So yay!

I’ll post the finished condo pics as soon as I get time to breathe :)